Worshiping and Serving God, Loving and Accepting All

Reverend William Vincent

Biographical sketch – Pastor Bill Vincent:

Though born in Greenville, SC, I grew up in Greensboro, NC – 30 miles from the birthplace of Krispy Kreme doughnuts!  I am the younger brother to two older sisters.  My parents were active in the Presbyterian Church, and I enjoyed going to church, learning, and growing.  I sensed a call to professional ministry while in high school.
I attended Davidson College (NC) where I earned a B.A. in Religion.  I continued my education at Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, VA completing a Masters of Divinity (1983) and then a Master of Arts in Christian Education at the Presbyterian School of Christian Education (1984).  There I also met my wife, Deanna, whose hometown is Wichita, KS.
I have now been a minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) for over 35 years, serving as:
*Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Fairborn, OH (1984)
*Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Danvers, IL (1988)
*Pastor of The Presbyterian Church of Washington, MO (2000)
*Interim Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Cape Girardeau, MO (2010)
*Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Monett, MO (2013)
*Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Wamego, KS (2017)

In July 2019, I was called to be the Pastor for the yoked congregations of First Presbyterian Church, Union, MO and Pacific Presbyterian Church, Pacific MO.
The focus of my ministry is threefold:

  1. Crafting worship services (music, prayers, and sermon) which proclaim God’s gracious claim upon us as God’s own people and God’s challenge to us to live as God’s ambassadors in the world;
  2. Providing pastoral care for members of the congregation and community;
  3. Guiding and assisting church leaders and members as they serve one another and the community, and as they seek to live out the love and justice of the Gospel.

Throughout my life, music (especially singing) has always been important to me.  I have also developed a love for photography.  I enjoy history, and, as a family, we enjoyed ‘camping’ trips to National Parks and historical sites.
Deanna and I are living in Washington, MO.  We have two grown children, both of whom graduated from Missouri universities but now live out of state.